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"The Illuminati Primer" - March 4, 2001

One of the most enduring discussions in the BGID community are the potential connections between Bill Gates' murder and such shadowy organizations as The Illuminati, the Discordian Movement, the CIA and others. These theories have frequently been marginalized by such organizations as Citizens for Truth, with Debra Meagher describing the Illuminati connection as "wacko conspiracy puffary" at their annual research conference last year.

However, the theories abound in the online discussions here at my site and others -- from the Illuminiti killing Gates, perhaps even though he was a member, to potential connections to Kerry Thornley and Illuminati members among the LAPD.

Outside of BGID, you'll see The Illuminati connected to even stranger suggestions, including the Illuminati connection to the Anti-Trust case and the theories of Roger "El Gato" Bullock, who thinks that space aliens might have been involved as well.

Since I always seek to provide an open forum here at BGID to alternate theories, I asked one of the most active proponents of Illuminati involvement, "Hicutus Confusus," to outline an Illuminati / Bill Gates primer for those of us less familiar with the activities of this shadowy organization. The resulting thumbnails are a fascinating glimpse into the darker corners of Gates assassination conspiracy theory -- and for the skeptics among you, remember that the theories themselves tell us something about Gates' legacy, if for no other reason than how widespread and long-lasting the rumors are.

Your curator,

Jack Perdue

The surest and quickest way to get dismissed in any serious conversation is to use the word Illuminati. The Illuminati has become a catch-all for conspiracy theorists and nut-jobs across the board. Consequently, most people tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater on this issue. For those unfamiliar with the Illuminati, I will give a brief rundown on the most important names and terms ...

Secret organizations have existed throughout history. For reasons religious or political, altruistic or devious. As a direct result of the secrecy, all manner of accusations have been thrown at many of these groups.

Hassain I Sabbah:
The leader of an Islamic sect known as the "Order of Assassins" which existed from the 11th to 13th century. The words "assassin" and "hashish" are both corruptions of his name. Sabbah was a diabolical fiend who used drugs, mind-control tactics, post-hypnotic suggestion, sleeper agents, and lone assassins.

For more on him go here

Adam Weishaupt:
The modern Bavarian Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776. The group was originally composed of 32nd degree Masons, and used various Masonic lodges as recruiting grounds and fronts. Weishaupt was a politically-minded free thinker who was well versed in Occult lore (which we will come back to)

For more on him go here

Founded by Kerri Thornley and Gregory Hill in the late 50's. It was an attempt to both spoof the Illuminati and counter their tactics at the same time. The Discordian movement exists as a decentralized body of cells that act autonomously, with no "head" cell. This creates a random element and level of uncertainty that makes any infiltration almost pointless. They use a lot of the same esoteric psychological approaches as those they oppose, but they promote a kind of deprogramming for personal liberation as opposed to the reprogramming of others.

A lot of people see Discordians as simply another front for the Illuminati. I myself was convinced of this but upon doing some hard research recently and meeting with a couple of cabals (one of which let me participate in a deprogramming initiation ceremony) I have adjusted my opinion of them. I still find them reckless in general, but I have a real hard time thinking that they could perpetrate any kind of authoritarian agenda being such a loose collection of anarchists.

For more on this go here

There are some important secret organizations that are in a position to conspire against the people at large. Few would dispute the existence and power of these groups so long as we don't use the dreaded "I" word.

About as secret and powerful as it gets. No question that the CIA is involved in plenty that they don't admit to. We know that the CIA has been actively interested in mind-control for years. Of course, "not any more" is the official line, but what else would one expect them to say? And they have established a history of lying about what they're doing "right now."

Skull & Crossbones:
The Skulls are a very active and very political secret society at Yale University. There was a movie called "The Skulls" released recently based on this group. George Bush was also a member of this group and has extensive family ties to it. Much more can be learned about it at

Occult practices are a vital part of many secret groups. Namely, it consists of psychological manipulation to achieve different mental states. While in these altered states, participants are very receptive to post-hypnotic suggestions and mind-control. Furthermore, there are often attempts to use sympathetic magic to influence cultural processes and events. Symbolic rituals and ceremonies are acted out in the theater of reality. While this may be the most difficult idea to understand, it is essential. Whether or not one believes that these rituals have any effect, one should understand that they are a big part of occultist motivation.

George Bush:
Probably the spookiest guy on the planet. From the Skulls to the CIA, to the President of the US, he was constantly in positions to perpetrate an occultist authoritarian agenda. In addition, there is a lot of occult symbolism surrounding him. Losing the post of president and having his son come back to reclaim it is symbolic of the antichrist (the antichrist dies of a mortal head wound then comes back to life) and the phoenix (who dies and rises from the ashes). Additionally there is a story that Adam Weishaupt disposed of George Washington and took his place as president. While it is unlikely that this story is true, the symbolism has become mythologised and it represents the replacing of current governments with a new world order. The consequent significance of George W. (Weishaupt / Washington) Bush coming into power is hard to overlook.

Is it a coincidence that the in the "Martyr" post someone named George is being addressed?

There is a very interesting book on Bush and the U.S. Govt. mind control operation called "Trance Formation of America" by former govt. programmed slave Cathleen (Cathy) Ann O'Brien. Read up on it and from it here

Bill Gates:
Enough has been posted already concerning the Bill Gates Illuminati connections. To get fully updated, go here.

The question becomes if the Illuminati exist, and if Gates was Illuminati, why is he dead? It may be that he didn't want to conform to their politics. It may be a hoax, that he's only symbolically dead. Hidell may have been acting against the Illuminati (doubtful), or maybe they were manipulating him, in which case what he thought he was doing and what he was actually doing were probably very different.

The Scapegoat (Slaughter of the Innocent):
The most likely scenario is, in my opinion, the Scapegoat metaphor. For this to be played out as a ritual, Hidell would have to be programmed to believe that he would willingly assassinate Gates. It would be necessary to fake Gates' death and let the programmed Hidell play the patsy for a crime that wasn't even real. The key factor would be the quickness with which the general public rushed to judge Hidell based on superficial evidence.

These topics all intertwine and intersect with each other. To get into the depth of those relationships is beyond the scope of this article. I wanted, rather, to give a starting point where someone could quickly get up to speed with the issues and players involved.

My Thanks to Jack Perdue for giving this issue objective consideration.

Hicutus Confusus

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