Bill Gates is Dead.



Some on the Web directed their anger at Microsoft for various reasons, such as a feeling that their business practices were monopolistic, or a frustration at Microsoft's dominance in the software industry. As the Founder and Chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates frequently got side-swiped in the process by their criticisms, conspiracies and vitriol.

Anti-Microsoft Association
At least David Schneider-Joseph tries to make coherent arguments for his distrust of Microsoft at this site, leading to his suggestions of what the government should do about the ‘dangerous monopoly’ and how users can learn to live a Microsoft-free existence. For those of gentle disposition, this site is a good source for understand why anti-Microsoft sentiments exist even after Gates' death -- without the adolescent violence associated with most of their brethren.

MS Anti-Trust Editorial Cartoons
Microsoft shows that they have a sense of humor by archiving hundreds of editorial cartoons relating to the anti-trust case at Microsoft-owned Many, if not most, paint MS in a negative light but my favorites are the ones which highlight the real winners in that case - the lawyers and AOL Time Warner (who ducked below the radar thanks to the distraction of the MS trial.)

As you can tell from the name, this site is just plain silly, a parody of Microsoft as the McDonalds of software. I'm listing them because their absurd exaggeration shows that you can be a detractor without being nasty (though the xxx link was a bit tasteless, in my humble opinion.)
A parody of Microsoft as the evil Empire of the Star Wars movies (complete with products such as Microsith Windows NTie and Microsith Planet Exploder), with the Open Source movement cast in the role of the Jedi Knights. ‘Darth Steve’ and ‘Darth Rich’ provide another example of how many anti-Microsoft movements are led by under socialized science fiction geeks (although sometimes very funny under socialized science fiction geeks.)

The Microsoft Boycott Campaign
Now, at least these folks I can understand. One of the classic arguments against the semi-monopolistic Microsoft has been that it stifles innovation (an argument you'll hear especially from the Apple, UNIX and Java communities.) The MSBC doesn't just collect stories and news articles about Microsoft's embarrassing stumbles, it also provides a guide to software to use instead of Microsoft programs to prove ‘that living without Microsoft is easier than you ever thought it could be.’

The National Society of MicroSoft Haters
Matthew J. Aird's South Africa-based ‘Society’ is dedicated to ‘the current bid for World Takeover being waged by MicroSoft Corp. [sic]’ Of course, his approach to fighting the ‘massed technocratic legions’ of Microsoft is to publish some tasteless jokes, techie stories of poor developer support and occasional news items about Microsoft's legal woes. There is something pitifully sad about someone who would pen the line, ‘I Hate MicroSoft, therefor I am.’

Youth Against Microsoft
While this bizarre ‘organization’ does have a brief ‘10 reasons to hate Microsoft,’ it spends most of its time allowing members to punch Bill Gates and download anti-Microsoft images. Pretty childish, folks. Not surprising, it's part of an Anti-Microsoft Network of sites dedicated to the fact that Microsoft is ‘evil and must be stopped,’ some of which at least more slightly more intelligent arguments this site.

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